Footsteps2Brilliance - Crib-to-Classroom Early Literacy

Footsteps 2 Brilliance

Crib-to-Classroom Early Literacy
ESS is proud to partner with Footsteps2Brilliance®, a strategic curriculum expert, offering innovative communitywide crib-to- classroom solutions, with the goal of achieving reading proficiencies by 3rd grade for all families. Footsteps2Brilliance® offers a unique Mobile Technology Platform, allowing school districts to leverage the mobile devices that parents already own to scale early literacy citywide. Offering the most flexible licensing model in the industry, Footsteps to Brilliance® helps propel districts and families towards success.
Intalage - International Teacher Placement

Interlage, LLC.

International Teacher Placement
ESS is proud to partner with Intalage, an independent staffing service, seeking to connect international teachers with domestic school districts with the goal of providing global exposure to students in the K-12 system. Intalage prides itself in inviting culture into the classroom by connecting schools with educators that transcend borders and consultants that help school staff facilitate growth, creating an unmatched learning experience.
The National Education Foundation

The National Education Foundation

High quality, affordable online education
The National Education Foundation (NEF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, headquartered in metropolitan Washington, D.C. Founded in 1989, after consultations with national leaders including former President Bill Clinton and Intel founder Dr. Gordon Moore, NEF is the world's leading nonprofit organization bridging the employment, digital and academic divides by providing high quality affordable 21st Century online education to millions of students and jobseekers in many countries including the U.S., India, Egypt and Mauritius. NEF offers 3,000 high quality K-99 online courses using state-of-the-art LMS (Learning Management System) and interactive video platform.
3E Creative Branding+Design Agency

3E Creative

District Branding/Marketing
ESS is excited to partner with 3E Creative, a branding and communications partner, offering focused solutions for community and state-wide brand awareness. 3E Creative is a team of creative minds that specialize in the development, launch and support of effective brands to help you connect with and attract parents, students and educators within your district and surrounding areas.3E Creative offers services such as brand development, web design, awareness campaigns and social media management.

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